Kongsberg Automotive has produced clutch servos since 1975. Today, we are a market leader with a wide range of solutions in the clutch servo product family.

Features & Benefits

Our solutions are being used by customers in all corners of the world, on vehicle platforms ranging from light weight to heavy.

Clutch servos from Kongsberg Automotive are equipped with a flexible valve solution, which can be tuned to give a specific pedal- force and feeling. All clutch servos are made of an anodized monoblock aluminum housing:

  • This housing is machined very accurately, in one operation
  • It has very high wear resistance, for good durability
  • It is much lighter than cast iron
  • It has superb corrosion resistance properties

Clutch servos from Kongsberg Automotive can be equipped with many additional features like:

  • Visual wear indicators for easy clutch wear detection
  • Special exhaust solutions to make it submergible
  • Linear position sensors and on/off switches with electrical output signals for various purposes
  • Pneumatic 3/2 valve (SPV) for protecting the transmission

With our skills, mindset and experience, Kongsberg Automotive can offer world class services to any customer, anywhere in the world.

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