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Kongsberg Automotive has delivered servoshift systems for cable-, mechanical- and hydraulic operation since 1998, where the main customers have been various bus and truck manufacturers.

Our servoshift systems now are developed for a wide variety of truck- and bus applications, and the advantages are well demonstrated in combination with the gearshifters and cables in our portfolio.

In-line servoshift:

The In-line servoshift is optimized for cable interface. It enables reduced shift-forces on existing gearboxes without the need for general re-design of the gearbox shift mechanism.

Further benefits & features include:

The above listed elements are achieved by a favourable modularized design that enables different functionality by combining different available standard components.

Gearbox-integrated servoshift:

The gearbox-integrated servoshift is developed for optimum space- and cost efficiency in high volume applications and for high-end functionality. This is achieved by close integration with the gearbox, where the select mechanism for two-lever interface also can be included. Clear interfaces and easy assembly are maintained, and is further improved by the introduction of a snap-in select mechanism.

Further benefits & features include:

The Gearbox-integrated Servoshift is based on the same valve technology as the In-line servoshift. The elements as listed above are therefore in addition to the same high basic functionality and configurability. The choice of application is by that mostly dependent on the gearbox standardization and volumes.

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