Product highlight: Why Kongsberg Automotive clutch servos are the best choice?

Whether you are looking for new products for your workshop, for your truck, for your fleet, or you are a distributor, you know it is essential to source the correct spare parts. 

Kongsberg Automotive has an impressive range of OE quality products for the aftermarket. In Product Highlights, we have the chance to show them off and inform you about the benefits for you as our customers. Our goal is for you as a player in the aftermarket to learn about the Kongsberg Automotive product range, which can help you make the best decisions for yourself or your company.  

In this Product Highlight article, we want to present one of Kongsberg Automotive's most cherished and well-established products and give you reasons why Kongsberg Automotive is the clear choice for Clutch Servos. The following is the first part of a three-part article about Kongsberg Automotive Clutch Servo. 


The Clutch Servo is one of those products you don’t know the value of before you don’t have it. It takes a lot of power to activate the clutch pedal in powerful manual transmission vehicles. Even though many truckers don’t skip leg day, it can become too heavy only to use human strength to actuate the clutch. This is where the Kongsberg Automotive Clutch Servo comes to the rescue! 

The Clutch Servo will proportionally amplify the pedal force with the help of air. It’s controlled hydraulically by the Kongsberg Automotive Master Cylinder and operates the clutch mechanically via a lever system.  




The truck engines in the mid 70’s had become so powerful that they needed powerful forces to operate the clutch. This was when Volvo came knocking on Kongsberg Automotive’s 
door, asking if they could produce their newly developed Clutch Servo. 

Kongsberg Automotive has been producing Clutch Servos since 1975, when Volvo first approached KA with their design. KA further developed the design from Volvo to fit different trucks and specifications from various OEM’s. 

From 75’ to the present day, Kongsberg Automotive has perfected Clutch Servo production, with great new features and advances in quality. In addition, KA has, over the years, created rigorous routines and systems alongside the major OEMs to establish a quality level that is best in class and drives innovation. This rich history, attention to detail, and hard work have led us to the highly regarded Clutch Servos we offer today.

By choosing Kongsberg Automotive Clutch Servos, you choose years of experience and innovation, and products you can trust will last and function. 

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