Zurich, April 26, 2024: Kongsberg Actuation Systems BV, a subsidiary of Kongsberg Automotive ASA (KA), today published an Asset Disposition Offer to purchase for cash €36,000,000 of outstanding principal amount of its senior secured notes due 2025 (“Notes”).

KA has determined that €36,000,000 of the Net Available Cash from the sale of:

(i) The Interior Comfort Systems business unit to Lear Corporation,

(ii) The Light-Duty Cables business unit to Suprajit Engineering Limited and

(iii) A part of Kongsberg Automotive’s operations in Shawinigan, Canada to BRP

constitutes “Excess Proceeds” under the indenture dated July 23, 2018 (the “Indenture”) - which requires that KA issues an Asset Disposition Offer. The “Asset Disposition Offer Amount” shall be €36,000,000.

The Asset Disposition Offer will expire at 16:00 GMT on May 28, 2024. Any Note not tendered or accepted for payment will continue to accrue interest.

If the aggregate principal amount of Notes surrendered by holders thereof exceeds the Asset Disposition Offer Amount, the Issuer will select the Notes to be purchased on a pro rata basis based on the principal amount of Notes surrendered.

Further information is published in the “NOTICE OF ASSET DISPOSITION OFFER“.

Copies thereof can be obtained from:

The Bank of New York Mellon, London Branch
One Canada Square
London, E14 5AL
United Kingdom

Media and communications contact:
Therese Sjöborg Skurdal – Director Corporate Communications
+47 982 14 059

Investor Relations contact:
Mads Langaard – Head of Investor Relations
+47 905 81 264

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