Kongsberg Automotive ASA (KOA) has been informed that Teleios Capital Partners, shareholder of Kongsberg Automotive ASA, and a group of shareholders have reached an agreement on a proposal for the following candidates for the Board of Directors and Nomination Committee:

Board of Directors:

Peter Thostrup

Erik Volden

Emese Weissenbacher

Brian Kristoffersen

Junyang (Jenny) Shao

Nomination Committee:

Tore Vik

Lasse Johan Olsen

Dag Erik Rasmussen

Please note that the Extraordinary General Meeting is scheduled to take place on September 27, 2023.

Investor Relations contact:
Mads Langaard – Head of Investor Relations
+47 905 81 264

Media and Communications contact:
Therese Sjöborg Skurdal – Director Corporate Communications
+47 982 14 059

About Kongsberg Automotive ASA

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