Zurich, November 23, 2023: Kongsberg Automotive (KA)’s Powertrain & Chassis business segment was awarded a contract for D600 clutch servo designed by KA for use in commercial vehicles.

Extensive power is required to activate the clutch in commercial vehicles with manual transmissions. A clutch servo allows drivers to operate the clutch with minimal effort. KA’s clutch servo proportionally amplifies the pedal force with the help of air.  

Developed by KA’s global team of engineers, the clutch servo is suitable for various transmissions and installations. It provides complete aluminum housing, is lighter in weight and has better performance. The modular design incorporates an additional pneumatic valve for various safety features along with a position sensor that is customized according to need. It has an optimized service ability and high durability.   

KA’s Morse Shanghai facility will produce and supply this product to one of the top three commercial vehicles manufacturer in China. The contract starts in 2025 and will last for seven years.

“KA’s D600 clutch servo is the perfect synergy of innovation and efficiency that is offered in our product line to our customers,” says David Redfearn, Chief Sales Officer, adding, “KA has developed great customer intimacy, and we will continue to develop, align, and embed our clutch technology in vehicles for our key customer in the Chinese market.”

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