Zurich, October 31, 2023: Kongsberg Automotive (KA) and Romoline have entered into a definitive agreement to purchase patents related to camera washing technology intended for vehicles. This is KA’s second investment in technology that will be used in vehicles that are on the road today, as well as in autonomous vehicles.

Based in Oppdal, Norway, Romoline is a company focused on research and technology development.

According to the agreement, the parties have decided on a license fee based on KA`s gross profit on the product. KA will share portions of its gross profits with Romoline. Meanwhile, Romoline will continue its partnership with KA, providing services to facilitate the technology’s commercialization and further development.

Developed in Norway, Romoline’s technology is a modern camera cleaning technology. Unlike traditional nozzle cleaners, this technology uses less fluid and sprays away from the camera lens leading to optimal cleaning. The product’s intention is to improve functionality, quality, environmental impact, customer satisfaction, and cost of use. Developing the product into complete systems and sensor cleaning solutions are potential next steps for KA to expand in this product area.

“This agreement with Romoline enables KA to expand our product portfolio into a unique technology, which not only is in use in vehicles on the roads today but will be of paramount importance in autonomous vehicles where cleanliness of cameras and sensors are crucial for functionality and safety,” says Linda Nyquist-Evenrud interim President & CEO of KA, adding, “KA is proud to partner with Romoline and would like to acknowledge the innovation and development that the company has put in this technology.”

“Romoline eagerly anticipates collaborating with KA to craft innovative solutions that enhance the safety for drivers worldwide”, say Rolf Monrad and Øyvind Pedersen, the founders of Romoline.

Based on KA’s assessment of the technology and feedback from global vehicle manufacturers, the technology will be ready for series production within two-three years.

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