Zurich, December 20, 2023: Kongsberg Automotive ASA (KA) has announced the merge of its Powertrain & Chassis (P&C) business segment and the Off-Highway business unit to form ‘Drive Control Systems’ business area (DCS), which will come into effect from January 1, 2024.  With this change, KA will simplify its company structure. Going forward, KA will consist of two business areas, Drive Control Systems (DCS) and Flow Control Systems (FCS). 

Under the leadership of Robert Pigg, the current Senior Vice President of the Off-Highway business unit and now the Executive Vice President of Drive Control Systems (DCS), the business area is strategically positioned to leverage collective expertise.  

DCS will specialize in supplying a diverse range of products and systems, such as Actuators, Steer-by-Wire, Shift-by-Wire, Steering Columns, Pedals, Hand Controls, Head Restraints, and others.

With DCS, KA can better streamline work processes, optimize cost, centralize product development and business functions. It will also bring together technological know-how, and years of experience from KA’s business units to boost systems innovation within the company. This structural change will help KA to further focus on Driver Controls and Powertrain Actuation, while continuously seeking opportunities to modernize the company’s product portfolio, evaluating the global footprint, right-sizing the company, and actively supporting customer requirements.

“With the creation of the DCS business area, KA will move a step closer to becoming a complete systems provider with a strong focus on commercial and off-highway vehicles,” says Linda Nyquist-Evenrud, interim President & CEO of KA adding, “An integrated business area will allow KA to focus on product innovation, product line introductions and will fuel synergies between On-Highway, Off-Highway, Driveline and Headrest businesses.”

Following the formation of DCS, Christian Amsel will return to his role as Chief Technology Officer at KA after successfully serving as the interim Executive Vice President of the P&C Business Segment. Amsel will continue to drive innovation and technological advancements within the company.


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