As announced in an earlier communication, Kongsberg Automotive ASA (KA) resolved to cancel the entire holding of its own shares at the company’s Annual General Meeting on June 6, 2023.

The decision by KA was reported to the Norwegian Register of Business Enterprises (Brønnøysund) (the Register) that published the resolution on June 14, 2023. In accordance with the Act on Public Limited Liability Companies, the company’s creditors were informed that any objections against the cancellation of shares must be reported to the company within six weeks from the date of the announcement.

Provided that no objections are filed within the due date, the company’s Board of Directors and auditors will report to the Register that the conditions for cancellation of shares are fulfilled. Following this, the Register will announce that the shares are cancelled.

Further to this, VPS will delete the shares from the register. KA expects this to be completed by the beginning of August 2023.

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