Kongsberg Automotive’s Couplings business unit is expanding by 900 sq meters in Raufoss.

This expansion is part of the growth strategy—Couplings is looking to double its turnover in four years and quadruple by 2030.

Raufoss is the center for the research and development of compressed air couplings. Raufoss' team develops products and processes both for production in Norway and in facilities around the world.

Kongsberg Automotive targets to use 100 percent renewable energy in all the company’s facilities by 2030. The Couplings site in Raufoss already meets that target. This gradual expansion in Raufoss has been an energy-efficient process—it means that the total consumption of electricity and water stays the same. This will have a direct impact and positive effect on the plant’s climate footprint. As a company, Kongsberg Automotive has also committed to producing emission-free products by 2039.

This expansion means safer working conditions for the plant workers, as well as more efficient logistics. Future growth will create new job opportunities in all areas, including engineering, sales, technical departments as well as plant operations.

“The Couplings business unit has experienced great success in the market and will continue to deliver growth above market rates. This expansion in our plant in Raufoss is just one of the important strategic decisions made to ensure that we are prepared for future growth and new markets,” says Linda Nyquist-Evenrud, Senior Vice President of Couplings.

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