Kongsberg Automotive expects revenues for the last quarter Q4 2020 of approx. MEUR 299, an adj. EBIT of approx. MEUR 23 and a negative free cash flow of MEUR 6. New Business Wins amount to MEUR 87 annualized revenues, and MEUR 471 lifetime revenues.

2019 Q4 revenues were MEUR 281, adj. EBIT was MEUR 15 and free cash flow MEUR 1. New Business Wins amounted in Q4 2019 to MEUR 89 annualized revenues, and MEUR 427 lifetime revenues.

For the full year 2020, the company expects revenues of approx. MEUR 969, an adj. EBIT of approx. MEUR 11 and a negative free cash flow of MEUR 40. New Business Wins amount for 2020 to MER 282 annualized revenues, and MEUR 1.346 lifetime revenues.

In 2019 KA reported full year revenues of MEUR 1.161, adj. EBIT of MEUR 71 and a negative free cash flow of MEUR 44. New Business Wins amounted in full year 2019 to MER 330 annualized revenues, and MEUR 1.527 lifetime revenues.

All 2020 figures are still unaudited, under review and subject to potential revisions.

Kongsberg Automotive will release its Q4 2020 report on February 26th, 2021.

The company will host an earnings conference call for investors, analysts and media at 9:00 – 11:00 CET, on February 26th, 2021, which will include a review of the Q4 2020 presentation led by the Co-CEOs Norbert Loers and Robert Pigg. After the review, we will present an updated Investor Presentation including a 2021 full year outlook. Listeners will have the opportunity to ask questions to the presenters. The Q4 earnings call and the updated investor presentation will be available via web and audio.


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Time of release: at 09:56, 29.01.2021