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Reference is made to the resolution by the extraordinary general meeting in Kongsberg Automotive ASA ("Kongsberg Automotive" or the "Company") on 29 January 2021 to increase the share capital by NOK 0.70 by issuance of 7 new shares each of par value NOK 0.10.

The share capital increase of NOK 0.70 has today been registered with the Norwegian Register of Business Enterprises. Following such registration, the share capital of Kongsberg Automotive is NOK 1,054,860,644 divided into 10,548,606,440 shares, each with a par value of NOK 0.10.

The share capital increase shall facilitate the consolidation of the Company's shares (reverse share split) by way of 10 shares each of par value NOK 0.10 being replaced by one share with par value NOK 1. As set out in the stock exchange release published by the Company on 6 January 2021 with key information relating to the share consolidation, the Company's shares shall trade including the right to the share consolidation (i.e. shall trade with old par value of NOK 0.10) to and including 2 February 2021 (record date in VPS on 4 February 2021 to be decisive) and shall trade without the right to share consolidation (i.e. shall trade with new par value of NOK 1) from and including 3 February 2021 (Ex.Date).


This information is published in accordance with the requirements of the Continuing Obligations.