The board of directors of Kongsberg Automotive ASA (the "Company") has proposed that an extraordinary general meeting of the Company resolves consolidation of the Company's shares by a consolidation factor of 10:1 and a corresponding increase of par value per share from NOK 0.10 to NOK 1. In order to facilitate the share consolidation the board of directors also proposes a minor increase of the current share capital by NOK 0.70 (7 shares each of par value NOK 0.10), in order to obtain a total number of shares outstanding divisible by 10. Subject to positive resolution by the extraordinary general meeting, the Company's shares shall trade including the right to the share consolidation to and including 2 February 2021 (record date in VPS on 4 February 2021 to be decisive). Thus, the Company's shares will be traded without the right to share consolidation from and including 3 February 2021 (Ex.Date).

The board of directors will convene an extraordinary general meeting to discuss the above matters to be held on 29 January 2021 at 10:00 hrs. The notice for the extraordinary general meeting will be published by the Company and distributed to shareholders within the deadline 8 January 2021.


This information is subject of the disclosure requirements under Oslo Rulebook II - Issuer Rules.