Reference is made to the share consolidation approved by an extraordinary general meeting in Kongsberg Automotive ASA (the "Company") held on 29 January 2021 (the "EGM") with effect from 3 February 2021.

In accordance with the EGM's resolution, all shareholders who at the time of the implementation of the consolidation did not hold a number of shares with par value NOK 0.10 divisible by 10 (i.e. pre consolidation of shares) and accordingly would have received fractional shares post consolidation, have had such shareholding rounded up to the nearest number of whole shares with par value NOK 1 (i.e. post consolidation). The Company has today provided a number of shares necessary to effect such rounding-up by use of the required number of treasury shares held by the Company, in total 4,394 shares with par value NOK 1. The shares are provided for such purpose without consideration in accordance with the resolution by the EGM.

After this, the Company owns 3,716,304 shares in the Company, each of par value NOK 1, representing approximately 0.35 % of the voting rights and share capital in the Company.