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On November 8, 2017 Kongsberg Automotive ASA will present the results for the third quarter 2017 at 08:00 through an audio webcast. Later the same day the Capital Markets Day (CMD) will be held at 10:00 CET at Felix Konferansesenter (Bryggetorget 3, 0125 Oslo). The CMD can be followed online through a video webcast. 

The Q3 2017 report and the CMD presentation will be published via the Oslo Stock Exchange and on the company's website (www.kongsbergautomotive.com) @ 08:00 a on Nov. 8th 2017.

Link to the Q3 2017 Audio Webcast: https://secure-web.cisco.com/1-uPGfp_rEXH8lLaHxgjoR31hNk9FpTCTzU7n6NYGYOS07Bgy6mOdW4McNebofpGSrXzB6d4n6mGwmVGuFZjA25ChW_1vaeWFufXSLw9_9tQxMBfuXJsELotD9Gw_Exu6a0ZBsE9ow_-IHrFgRbY3JuCPJxt9YdU_EGiW2988FaH8ybuhNZDFHaxwdsCGTZyfIIjWkZy4o6aAtQoU81VRtSiLKSPnfann9uuvmfkY04MibsN0J3ivyDl1uRqqrX7j3H_4oqfvRo_XOn5mPrhM3A/https%3A%2F%2Fpgi.webcasts.com%2Fstarthere.jsp%3Fei%3D1166286%26tp_key%3D9f2e2d1875

Link to the CMD Video Webcast: https://secure-web.cisco.com/1cqA3MqMb4aE2zzm96uBj8oFu0avdp7hhvSGS6sh55CPpvjj975cFXO2uYPmZLYKHto0cvtFHpUolFm12swCA6UIM3HZW1BB1FcmE_ZhNn5c8mfeU8pxSkcNC6xpgijoSElrebvBq4q1aJMiczvWBxBE9NOdzWHe53Sr5OW7yeOPxxjCOZQRVUiSn4-3SOQO1IFDCgMoEWQSo2-uGa1fVVHXakS4Za5BTHTPQo82091uPu9LnNRBYsG09Ti2hhrXi8uqqVKoo_DnGw1lDQJwwVQ/https%3A%2F%2Fpgi.webcasts.com%2Fstarthere.jsp%3Fei%3D1166288%26tp_key%3Db6ef2b00bb