Kongsberg Automotive’s Interior business area is having an exciting year. Further to the recent announcements about new business wins with German car makers, a number of additional contracts have been secured from a wide range of customers including European, Chinese and Japanese OEMs. The combined value is estimated at EUR 15 million (NOK 140 million) over a supply period of 3 to 8 years depending on car model.

“These contracts represent the supply of comfort features to a steadily growing market segment. Seat comfort products are a growth platform we identified as a segment where we will continue to invest in order to bolster growth. We will continue to serve these customers and segments to ensure our customer are able to offer comfort products to all consumers,” said Thomas Lee, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Kongsberg Automotive’s Interiors business area.

“An important factor for growth in the seat heat area is the steadily increased take rates in the entry-level to mid segment cars, and these latest wins confirm this trend”, said Anders Nyström, Executive Vice President of Kongsbserg Automotive’s Interiors business area.