Kongsberg Automotive has formally opened its new Technical center in Mullsjø, Sweden, today.  The new SEK 30 million building includes 4,500 square meters of office and engineering space for persons from all business areas and consolidates Driveline’s R&D efforts in one facility.

The center has office capacity for 180-190 people, and 165 people have already started working in the center. In addition the state-of-the-art space has a gym, is fully accessible for people with disabilities, ample parking space (26 with heaters) and 2 charging stations for hybrid cars.

“I’m proud to be part of creating the future together with my KA colleagues, and I personally have the greatest hopes and belief in the future for Kongsberg Automotive.  Our new technical center will project confidence, and be a real engine for growth. It will be a natural place for cross-fertilizing of competence and electronic know-how between our different business areas,” said Joachim Magnusson, EVP for Kongsberg Automotive’s Driveline business.

Kongsberg Automotive has gradually expanded its R&D activities in Mullsjö over more than two decades and has had a history of temporary buildings, spread-out activities, and challenges related to not being able to facilitate all activities in optimal work conditions and facilities. The new Technical Center addresses the shortcomings of our previous facilities and we have been able to consolidate three R&D centers to one for Driveline in Europe, for a better working solution.

The center gathers all R&D, purchasing, engineering, program, sales and global manufacturing engineering in one building and will be an environment conducive to creativity, innovation considerable.

About Kongsberg Automotive AB Mullsjö
Kongsberg Automotive AB Mullsjö originates from the two companies - Mekania established in 1946 and Scandia established in 1950. Forsheda acquired the two companies in the 1980s, and we became Scandmec. In 1996 Scandmec was acquired by Kongsberg Automotive.

Kongsberg Automotive Mullsjö is a full service multi BA plant with revenues exceeding EUR 100 million. Kongsberg Automotive Mullsjö produces gear shifters for both passenger cars and heavy vehicles, head restraints, crash brackets, expansion tanks and on-board chargers.