15th Anniversary

15th Anniversary

On October 16 and 17, 2015, Kongsberg Automotive Pruszków celebrated its 15th anniversary. The two days will remain a memorable event for all KAPR employees.

The celebration was organized on the plant premises and hosted all KAPR employees, their families and local society as well. 16th and 17th October 2015 will stay as two memorable days for all KAPR employees.

On 16th October, there was an official Gala which gathered KAPR employees, Norwegian Ambassador, Pruszkow President, colleagues from other interior plants and KA BA’s, KA business partners and CEO Hans Peter Havdal and Executive Vice President Interior Anders Nyström.

Cake for PruszkowThe event started with a six-minute film produced specifically for the KAPR 15th Anniversary. Then, the honorable guests reminded the first days and further history of Kongsberg Automotive in Poland in their opening speeches. Everybody awaited a decoration ceremony during which all employees with 15-year seniority were recognized with memorable gifts and statuettes.

The ceremony participants enjoyed delicious catering and live music performed by the fantastic music band. All of them had a great fun until late hours at night.

On the second day, KAPR organized picnic for employees, their families and the whole local society. Pruszków residents were kindly welcomed to join the event. They had an opportunity to visit the production facilities of the plant during the plant tours and to enjoy a great deal of attractions, competitions, presents for children. They also hosted local football team ZNICZ and racing team from the Warsaw Technical University. KAPR sponsors both teams on regular basis, hence demonstrating its interest in promoting a healthy and sporty life style as well as creativity and innovation of young talents from Polish high schools.

The evening ended with a live concert delivered by the famous local music band. A DJ continued afterwards until people stopped dancing.

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