Combining strong local engineering support close to the customer and six global tech centers

Six decades of technological leadership within the automotive industry and the continuous pursuit of innovation has culminated in a wide range of awarded automotive products

Kongsberg Automotive invests significant research and development (R&D) efforts to maintain and expand our technological leadership. At the heart of our technology development is a dedicated team of around 550 highly skilled, passionate, accountable and prepared R&D engineers spread around the world. Their paramount objective is to keep Kongsberg Automotive in the forefront of bringing innovations to the market.

Innovation, R&D

Safety, comfort and sustainability

No matter what vehicle you drive or operate, it’s our vision to enhance your driving experience. We all contribute to making your vehicle safer, more comfortable and sustainable. To us, this is a never-ending goal, pushing us to look for the better way every day. We make things better today than we did yesterday.

It is in our DNA to understand customer needs and develop accordingly. New ideas are met with open minds and passion. We dare to ask the questions which enable us to create unique solutions and continuously focusing on improving our processes.

Full system capability

Kongsberg Automotive holds a wide range of R&D disciplines and production methods, and has a unique position to be able to offer a global footprint and full system capability. Kongsberg Automotive benefits from global resources and economies of scale in the regional centers of excellence, while maintaining the full range of R&D capabilities in North America, Europe and Asia. This positions Kongsberg Automotive well to be a preferred partner, as OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers increasingly outsource their R&D and engineering. Close cooperation between engineering and production ensures optimal products for best function, cost and quality.

The six global tech centers are located in the USA (Detroit), China (Wuxi), Germany (Munich), Sweden (Mullsjö) and Norway (Kongsberg and Raufoss). This strategy enables Kongsberg Automotive to maintain resources near key customers that drive the technology shifts in the automotive industry. To address the steady growth in the electronic content of our products, the Electronic Center of Excellence was located in Grand Mere, Canada, in 2012.