Hvittingfoss Plant


Hvittingfoss Plant

A part of Powertrain & Chassis

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Gravdalsveien 94

3647 Hvittingfoss


Phone: +47 32 77 05 00



At  a glance

 > Hvittingfoss is a part of the business segment Powertrain & Chassis

 > Opened in 1976

 > The product range includes gearshift- and clutch actuation
     systems, chassis rods and gearbox components

The plant in Hvittingfoss was established in 1976. The plant was a part of the Kongsberg Automotive buy-out from “Kongsberg Vaapenfabrikk” and has a history with more than 50 years of Automotive experience. 


The largest customers are the players in the global high-premium truck segment. Key processes/knowledge is 5-axis machining in aluminum and steel, automation and assembly. The plant is organized in two value streams: