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Head of Purchasing

Dzeki Mackinovski, EVP Purchasing

Email: purchasing(@)ka-group.com

Category Managment - Direct Material

Maud Neff, VP Category Management - Direct Material

Email: purchasing(@)ka-group.com

Category Management - Indirect Material & Services

Joakim Rönnäng, Director Purchasing Indirect Material and Services

Email: purchasing(@)ka-group.com

Purchasing Interior

Maic Hachenberg, VP Purchasing - Interior

Email: purchasing(@)ka-group.com

Purchasing Powertrain & Chassis

Thomas Kuchler, VP Purchasing - Powertrain & Chassis

Email: purchasing(@)ka-group.com

Purchasing Specialty Products

Vladimir Egert, VP Purchasing - Specialty Products

Email: purchasing(@)ka-group.com

Supplier Quality Development, Group

Virginia Grando, Global Head of Supplier Quality (acting)

Email: virginia.grando(@)ka-group.com