Effective 2023, KA Ljungsarp facility successfully achieved its target to reduce their operations related CO2e emissions to zero. This achievement contributes to KA’s long-term sustainability goals of 100% renewable energy until 2030 and carbon free products until 2039.

KA Ljungsarp is one of our two Swedish production sites and belongs to KA since 2004. Our Site is part of the Specialty Products business segment and is focused on producing steering columns for the off-road market.

Ljungsarp started its journey to electrify processes many years ago. All machines in the plant run on electricity and the heating of the production hall and offices is realized with electric powered water boilers and electrical heated fans.

Bruno Eriksson Biltman, QA & HSE Manager at Ljungsarp site, commented: “Finally we made the decision to end our use of fossil fuels. In this regard we also replaced a diesel driven back-up compressor with an electrical one. Effective 2020, the complete site is running 100% on electricity.  Since the same year, the plant provided the possibility for staff and visitors to charge their electrical vehicles when commuting to work or visiting the plant, which is also contributing to reducing the indirect CO2 emissions”.

Further in 2022, the plant decided to change the conventional electricity contract to a 100% renewable electricity contract. This means that the purchased electricity is only generated with renewable sources like water, wind, or sun. This kind of electricity generation leads to zero CO2e emissions.

Both these initiatives (electrification of processes and switch to renewable electricity) helped to reduce the Scope 1 and Scope 2 CO2e emissions to zero and to save app. 9,5 tons of CO2e every year. *

Dirk Eckert, Corporate Sustainability Manager, added: “This is a great achievement in our sustainability journey and is setting a benchmark for our other production sites.”

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(*compared to yearly average CO2e emissions of Ljungsarp site between 2016-2019)
- CO2e: Carbon Dioxide Equivalent which comprises all Green House Gases
- Scope 1 and 2 CO2e emissions: Scope 1 covers direct emissions from an organization's facilities (e.g. burned diesel or gas).
- Scope 2 covers emissions from electricity or district heat purchased by the organization.