Kongsberg Automotive’s commitment to operate in a manner that is ethical and trustworthy has been resolute throughout the company’s history. As result, Kongsberg Automotive enjoys open and trustworthy relationships with its employees, suppliers, customers, communities and investors.

Because we value our reputation as a dependable and preferred business partner, our employees are actively engaged in preserving KA’s reputation and protecting its market position by maintaining the highest standards of ethical behavior.

Our Code of Conduct (the “Code”) defines expectations for our organization and our employees’ ethical behavior. The main objective of the Code is to provide guidelines to ensure that our employees conduct activities in compliance with applicable laws and ethical standards expected from a top tier automotive supplier. All Kongsberg Automotive companies, employees and partners must follow this Code and it requires:

Across all levels of the organization, we provide awareness training on core issues related to ethics and compliance. Based on individuals’ roles and the risks associated with their job responsibilities, KA provides in-person training on topics such as antitrust laws, trade laws, intellectual property protection and corruption in business and incorporates case studies to help employees recognize ethics related situations. Additionally, the Code is made available to all KA employees in their local language.



We encourage our employees, partners and other stakeholders to report concerns about suspected breaches of our Code of Conduct.

Our process allows concerns to be reported in a confidential manner and without retaliation if concerns are raised in good faith.


To report a concern, click here to find your local contact in our Code of Conduct.