Brian Kristoffersen

Brian Kristoffersen


Investor and holds various positions in different companies

MBA from Henley University in London

Various positions within the retail, sales, and production industry, including in A/S Deres Design Group (1994- 2011, CEO from 1997)

CEO and co-owner of Rosemunde ApS (2011-2022, acquired by a Swedish listed company) and in BK Company APS

Member of the board in several companies, including in Circle Europe A/S, A/S Deres Design, Everyday Luxury Feeling A/S, and in various entities within the Rosemunde group

Local council member in Sydbank A/S (2012-2022)

Member of the board of directors of BK Company ApS

Number of shares: 
10,009,418 as of September 27, 2023
(To be updated annually)