Zurich, November 30, 2022: Kongsberg Automotive (KA) has opened a new sales office in Seoul, Korea. This new setup is in line with KA’s overall growth-plan and supports the company`s targets to modernize and innovate in terms of competence and technology.

With the new office, KA will better secure the introduction of new product technologies in both commercial and passenger vehicles segments in Korea. KA established a plant in southern Korea in Yangsan in 2001. This new location further north will contribute with shorter lead time to the market and customers.

“A new sales office in Seoul is of strategic importance to KA and our new sales organization as we move towards capturing a larger market-share in Korea,” says David Redfearn, Chief Sales Officer, “It will improve our customer intimacy and help us deliver our ambitious growth plans in this important region.”

Equipped with modern amenities in a bustling mobility hub in Seoul, the office will bring the KA Korea team closer to the company’s valued customers, create new relationships, improve feedback, and reduce reaction time.

As KA finalizes the new setup in Seoul, KA Korea will seek new talent from diverse professional backgrounds to expand its team.

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