Kongsberg Automotive’s Driver Control business area has been awarded a strategic contract within the Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) segment for commercial vehicles. The estimated lifetime value of the contract is EUR 100 million (NOK 961 million) over 5 years.

Deliveries under the contract will start to ramp up from 2020 from Kongsberg Automotive`s manufacturing locations in Europe and the Americas. The business award reflects the significant investment and strong focus by Kongsberg Automotive on AMT systems. AMT systems are part of Kongsberg Automotive’s key growth platforms, and the contract is in line with its ambition to develop this area into a EUR 150 million annual sales business over the next 10 years.

Kongsberg Automotive has developed efficient actuation solutions for AMT transmissions that reduce fuel consumption, minimize maintenance cost and enhance driver comfort. The AMT system helps truck OEMs to meet the toughest emission standards on the market.

“We’re well positioned to support growing AMT demand globally, and this latest award shows that our strategic growth efforts in the segment are yielding results,” said Espen Moe, Vice President Powertrain & Chassis for KA’s Driver Control business area.

“We’re proud to be a supplier of this innovative solution to one of the worldwide leading truck manufacturers, said Håkon Amundsen, VP Sales & Marketing for KA’s Driver Control business area. “The agreement shows that our solid customer relationships, strong customer support team, and advanced technology will help to bolster our position in AMT segment”, said Håkon Amundsen.