The Annual General Meeting in Kongsberg Automotive ASA held on March 31, 2016 elected Henning E. Jensen, Ellen M. Hanetho and Bruce E. Taylor as a new board members.

No other current directorships

Other current directorships:
NextGenTel Holding ASA
Fearnley Project Finance AS
Fearnley Pensjonskasse AS
Fearnley Securities AS

Other current directorships:
Torq Corporation Board of Advisors
Amacs Process Tower Internals Chairman Board of Directors
ASM Holdco Board of Directors
F Cubed LLC Board of Directors

Following the election at the annual general meeting, the board of directors of Kongsberg Automotive ASA comprises the following members:  Henning E. Jensen (Chairman), Ellen M. Hanetho Bruce E. Taylor, Thomas Falck, Malin Persson, Kjell Kristiansen, Jon Ivar Jørnby, and Kari Brænden Aaslund