If you are familiar with the Kongsberg Automotive Aftermarket brand you are perhaps associating us first with our famous Clutch parts, such as the Kongsberg Automotive Clutch Servo (ARTICLE LINK) or the Master Cylinder, or our well-established Hydraulic Gearshift System Products.

To be relevant in the aftermarket going forward Kongsberg Automotive are always looking for new products to introduce in the IAM Product Catalogue. One of these segments are products for the AMT driveline.







Kongsberg Automotive IAM gearshift products are mostly tailored to the traditional Manual Transmission (MT) systems in Heavy-Duty vehicles, where the driver can manually clutch and change gears. This system still has its place in the heavy-duty market and will have it going forward. For fleets with experienced truck drivers its often MT that is the preferred option. MT can also be preferred in vehicles that have extreme duty cycles and high torque needs.

Automated Manual Transmission (AMT), also known as Semi-Automatic Transmission (SAT) or Clutchless Manual Transmission is basically a modified manual transmission, that does not require the truck driver to operate the clutch and change gears manually. It is operated using only the accelerator and brake pedals, and sensors and actuators performs the clutch work and changes gears. Some AMT systems also allows manual gearshifts (such as the Volvo I-Shift).

Going forward AMT will likely be more and more important in aftermarket for Heavy-duty vehicles, since the market share of AMT systems is much higher compared to MT systems. Considering the current demand in the Aftermarket, the fact still remains that prior to the 2000’s AMT was very rarely fitted to Heavy duty trucks. This means the aftermarket for MT applications are still huge and will be for some time.


Kongsberg Automotive’s experience in AMT

Kongsberg Automotive’s Driver Control business area (OEM business) has developed a range of products that take Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) design to a new level. KA’s solutions combine the fuel economy and performance of a true manual transmission, with the driving comfort of an automated transmission. 







KA’s transmission actuation technology can be developed for any MD and HD transmission application, and can also be used in combination with hybrid systems. The focus from KA is on smart system integration with clever packaging, fewer components, reduced weight and high durability. It requires minimal service and contributes to making every driver able to shift gear with comfort while improving fuel economy. Heavy Duty trucks are increasingly adapting to AMT technology and KA’s solutions contribute to truck OEM's ability to meet the toughest emission standards on the market.

“Our AMT system represents a significant step forward in design and versatility, and helps to reduce weight and emissions. It also demonstrates Kongsberg Automotive's ability to leverage our global research and development capabilities in enhancing the driving experience and meeting our customers' needs”, said Ivar Haug, Vice President R&D


Kongsberg Automotive AMT for the Aftermarket

We are always looking to introduce Kongsberg Automotive’s OE products to the independent aftermarket. AMT products is no exception to this and the work of introducing AMT products to all our customers have already started.

In the catalogue you can also find Shifters for the AMT Volvo Truck and Bus (I-Shift). Kongsberg Automotive is currently supplying 7 different variants of the I-Shift for the independent aftermarket.
Read more about the I-Shift for Volvo Truck and Bus.

Looking into the future it’s Kongsberg Automotive goal to be supplying more AMT products and meet customer needs in this area! Follow us in Social Media to get the latest product updates.