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Expanding Interior Comfort product portfolio with panel heating

Expanding Interior Comfort product portfolio with panel heating

To be used at i.e

  • door panels
  • door handles
  • armrests
  • foot rests
  • carpets
  • steering wheel

Kongsberg Automotive’s (KA) Interior Comfort Systems business area expands its heating product portfolio into new market segments and secures its place in a growing market. Heating panels show additional growth potential for KA based upon existing product technology.

In February 2016, KA was awarded a four year agreement for the supply of door panel heating to a global European based premium automaker. The contract represents an expansion of KA’s already diverse portfolio of heating products. Production is scheduled to start in the third quarter of 2017 from KA’s facility in Pruszkow, Poland.

Heated interior panels can be used at e.g. door panels, handles, armrests, foot rests, carpets and steering wheel to both enhance comfort inside a vehicle driven in cold climates, and to provide climate comfort in electrified vehicles with no or limited access to waste heat from a combustion engine.

At Kongsberg Automotive, we’re working tirelessly to expand our product portfolio by introducing new, innovative products and expanding existing technologies for new functionality in vehicles.

The market for heated panels is expected to rise significantly as the market share of electrified vehicles increase, and luxury auto makers work to provide ever improving comfort in their vehicles.

“We are able to offer our customers products that meet growing demand for the most comfortable car interiors and reducing energy consumption of vehicles,” said Thomas Lee.