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Health & safety and employee well-being

Health&safetyKongsberg Automotive promotes the International Labour Organization's (ILO) fundamental principles and rights at work, including:



Kongsberg Automotive is committed to having a culture of diversity and inclusion within our company. This commitment is defined in our Diversity policy and reflected in Kongsberg Automotive’s focus on diversity in recruitment processes and management development programs.

Women make up 47% of the total workforce. The Board of Directors of Kongsberg Automotive ASA consists of three (38%) women and five (62%) men, with 40% of the company’s shareholderelected directors being female.

Employee well being

KA considers the safety of its workers a top priority. We focus on first aid training, perfect attendance campaigns, health awareness drives and on site health fairs to encourage healthier lifestyle choices. In addition, we focus on access to medical care, flu shots to reduce down time from seasonal sicknesses.

Absences due to personal illnesses are tracked by the company. The Group’s sick leave average was 2.0% in 2014 compared to 2.7 % for 2013.

Working conditions

When our manufacturing facilities are clean, safe and well organized, we enable our employees to do their best work. Health, safety and environmental requirements as well as standards for improving the working environment are important for KA.

Our One KA Factory standard, defines a set of standards for the visual and physical appearance of our plants and describes general requirements and items that should be in place in all KA plants like safety signs and equipment, plant layout and flow, 5S requirements, common color schemes and clothing, use of lighting and maintaining a clean environment. Having a well-run facility builds a feeling of professionalism and trust for our customers and visitors while making any employee proud to work in the facility.

Safety of our employees is a top priority, and we work continuously to improve our programs by increasing awareness, adapting lean working methods to our safety efforts and monitoring working conditions. This work is yielding results;



Kongsberg Automotive encourages our employees to be involved in the communities where they live and work. Many of our facilities are involved in activities that support issues such as Education, Health, Social Responsibility, and Advocacy for Children, like; open house events at facilities where our KA families and neighbours are invited to visit the plant for tours and open house events some plants sponsor and encourage team sports like soccer in Poland or hockey in Canada. KA facilities participate in donation drives and fundraising events during the year. In addition to donating money, many employees donate their time and expertise to causes for which they are passionate.