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Our approach

Our approach

Our approach to Corporate Responsibility is set upon the beliefs, identified by our organization as necessary for long-term sustainable success.

Corporate Responsibility is a fundamental, unifying concept for Kongsberg Automotive. It is the common thread that connects diverse objectives, stakeholders, and issues. Our Corporate Responsibility program is designed to support our strategic aims, taking into account the issues that are important to our many stakeholders. Our approach to Corporate Responsibility for long-term, sustainable success by having a positive impact on society and the environment.


We work to create safe workplaces where the diversity of our global workforce is valued. We also support our local communities around the world.


Our vision is to reduce the environmental impacts of our business and make a meaningful contribution to improving the long-term environmental health of the planet.

Products and supply chain

We aim to design greener and safer products, and work with our supply chains to help them be more sustainable and responsible.

Materiality Matrix

We consider material aspects to be those which are of priority interest to our stakeholders and deemed most critical for future business success. The matrix was constructed by engaging our stakeholders in defining our CR material aspects. The stakeholder participation ensured alignment of corporate decisions with the views of various groups forming, influencing or being influenced by the company. The matrix is one of a number of tools that we use to develop, shape and enrich our CR program.

The prioritization or importance of any issue never remains fixed. At any moment, there are a number of internal and/or external factors that can raise or lower the importance of a particular issue.  

Materiality Matrix 2019