Power electronics

Power electronics

Kongsberg Automotive supplies power electronic systems, targeting the world’s leading electric and hybrid vehicles


e-Power Nordic AB (e-Power) was established in 2011 by Kongsberg Automotive and Swedish electronics company QRTECH. e-Power aims to excel in the field of power electronics, meeting stringent requirements regarding quality, low weight and high power density.

Combined with Kongsberg Automotive's track record and full in-house electronics manufacturing capabilities, e-Power aims to become a preferred supplier in an immature, but very attractive market. e-Power has a unique and tight-knit team of electronics and mechanical engineers who work in parallel with production engineers, enabling fast performance and short lead times.

Almost all work is done in-house, including prototypes, and e-Power is backed by two experienced parent companies with complementary competencies and capabilities.

Inverters DC/ACInverters (DC/AC)

The motor control inverter governs the torque and speed of a three phase Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM). Small motors will be used for Hybrid or Electrical Vehicles improving vehicle dynamics. Function and safety are crucial. Our design has been proven to work very well, whilst offering superior compact packaging. This platform is also well matched to drive auxiliary systems.

Rectifiers AC/DCRectifiers (AC/DC)

For Plug-In Hybrid or Pure Electrical Vehicles the On Board Charger (OBC), rectifies AC from the normal mains and charges the vehicle’s high voltage battery (DC). The architecture is based on an electric robust design, targeting a superior small packaging and installation height, while maintaining safety and reliability.

Converters DC/DCConverters DC/DC

The DC/DC converter supplies either 12 V or 24 V auxiliaries for Hybrid or Electrical Vehicles from its HV battery. The architecture is based on modular design blocks, making it scalable to cover a wider range of power outputs. With its origin in passenger vehicles, great effort has been put into minimizing packaging volume and weight. The aim has been for superior power density and specific power, whilst maintaining safety and reliability.

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Power Electronics

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