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KAntrak 1700 


KAntrak 2700/2710 


KAntrak 3700

IMPORTANT NOTE : Some of the files found in this section are password protected. To retrieve the password for a given file please follow the instructions found in the following section entitled ezkeycode.com.


The KAntrak 3700 3D CAD files for dash cutout and installation : 


SDK Virtual Machine

In this section you will find two types of files. The installer files and the VM HD files. The installer files are the packaged Virtual Machine binary as well as the virtual disk of the development environment. The VM HD is the standalone virtual machine disk which can be downloaded and used only if the installer files have been previously used to setup your development environment.

Kongsberg KAntrak 3700 SDK VM Installer:

ZIP file password: from the ezkeycode website in the "KAntrak 3700 - SDK VM Installer" section

Kongsberg KAntrak 3700 SDK VM HD:

ZIP file password: from the ezkeycode website in the "KAntrak 3700 - SDK VM HD" section

Device software update files
The latest BSP image file for your KAntrak 3700 is the S01545A08 released on 2013-11-07. The file can be downloaded using the following link.

Kongsberg KAntrak 3700 BSP Updates:

ZIP file password: from the ezkeycode website in the "KAntrak 3700 - BSP Update" section

Kongsberg KAntrak 3700 GEM Software with BSP update:

ZIP file password: from the ezkeycode website in the "KAntrak 3700 - GEM software" section

Update procedure : The ZIP files above that you can download for the BSP can be used with a micro SD card by unzipping the contents of the .ZIP file in the root directory of the card. You then insert it into the device's micro SD card port. To initiate the update process, you must POWER DOWN and POWER UP the device. To ensure a successful update, make sure there is no power interruption during the process. An onscreen acknowledgement will appear once the update has been completed successfully.


Account creation
Step 1 :

Creating an account on the ezkeycode.com website is completely free. 

To do so, open up a web browser and navigate to the www.ezkeycode.com website where you will be greeted with the following page. In here you will click on the "Open an account" link.

 download description

Step 2 :

This will lead you to a page where you can enter your user information and company information. The user information is required whereas the Company information is not required but will help us expedite your request.

Specifically in the Company info : Manufacturer field enter it as follows.

For all KAntrak line of products enter "KA DCS GENERIC PRODUCT".

To submit your request click on the "Open an account" button.

 download description

Step 3:

Confirmation that your request has been sent will be with the following page. At this point, if you have entered a valid email, you should receive a confirmation email shortly that will then allow you to login for the first time into the ezkeycode website.

 download description

Loging in to the website
Step 1 :

Once you have received your email confirmation for account creation you can navigate back to the www.ezkeycode.com website where you will be greeted with the following page. In here you will enter your username and password you have previously set for your account and then click on the "Log in" button. This site has cookies activated so if you check the "Remember me" checkbox your username and password will be remembered for this website.

 download description
Forgotten password
Step 1 :

If ever you forget your password or username, simply click on the "Forgot your password?" link in the previous page and you will be brought to the following page. Here simply enter the email you have used for the account creation and you will be sent an email with the instructions to reset your password.

download description

KAntrak 3700 file password retrieval
Step 1:

To gain access to all the passwords required for the .zip files simply follow these instructions.

Once logged into the ezkeycode website you will be greeted with the following home page. From here, you will click on the "See all available downloads..." link.

 download description

Step 2:

Once you have clicked on the previous link, you will then have access to multiple products depending on the profiles you have access to. For the time being four difference sections exist on the ezkeycode website for the KAntrak 3700 product line. Scroll down until you find the appropriate section depending on the file password you require.

The four products are:

KAntrak 3700 - BSP Update

KAntrak 3700 - SDK VM Installer

KAntrak 3700 - SDK VM HD Update

KAntrak 3700 - GEM Software

You can see the page layout on the following screen.

 download description

Step 3:

Following the above screen layout for a given product. The first step is to download the README file. You can do this by clicking on the "xxxxxx_README.txt" link for the appropriate .zip file you require to unlock. If this is the first time you download the file, this will automatically send an email request to our customer service which will then confirm the request. You will shortly receive an email confirmation that you can now download the "xxxxxx_README.txt" file. The contents of this text file has two important information. A Control number (XXXX-YYYY) and a Hardware Code (SXXXXXYZZ) that you will need in the next step.

Contents of the file:

From the ezkeycode downloads section found at https://www.ezkeycode.com/downloads scroll to the "KAntrak 3700 - XXXXXX" and click on "activate this free product.
Enter the following information.

Activation Info:
Control number: XXXX-YYYY
Hardware Code: SXXXXXYZZ

Then click on the "Generate activation code" button.
This will generate the password required to unlock the ZIP file.

Step 4:

In the same screen as above for a given product. You then need to click on the "activate this free product" link. You will then be brought to a screen similar to the one below. This is where you will be required to use the Control number and Hardware Code from the README.txt file downloaded in the previous step. Once you have entered both codes in the appropriate sections, you must then click on the "Generate activation code" button.

 download description

Step 5:

The following screen shows the layout when the zip file password has been generated. This password is identified on the "The key is : WWWW-XXXX-YYYY-ZZZZ" line, the password is a 16 digit character with dash. You must copy the entire key to your .zip file uncompressor.


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