“The technology we develop and the innovations we create are the essence of what drives us and make it fun to work with us”

Name: Rob
Nationality: American & Canadian
Position: General manager
Plant: Grand-Mère, Canada
Joined Kongsberg Automotive: 1999
First car: Chrysler Newport
Favorite car brand: Range Rover Sport
Hobbies: Outdoor family activities like fishing, skiing and biking

Rob had been working within Teleflex since 1999, and transitioned to Kongsberg Automotive with the acquisition of Teleflex GMS at the end of 2007. In his current position as General Manager in Grand-Mère in Canada, he is also the plant manager of the largest private employer in this region of Quebec province.

His responsibilities range from guiding the facility to ensure the optimization of existing resources to communications with colleagues in order to identify potential and convey current plans and strategies.

Rob’s background within mechanical engineering initially, and with a master’s degree in manufacturing and a MBA, makes him well suited to understand the wide scale of the business and the people. 

“I find it interesting to have the exposure and personal interaction with different functional areas, like manufacturing, purchasing, design and production. The ability to facilitate teams to work together is important in most places, also here in Grand-Mère, and something which I am proud of; we truly work as a team.”

Building confidence

Rob focuses on setting goals and objectives together with his people and making sure all are aligned and have the same measurable between functions. It has not always been easy to get cross functional teams to work together – especially not when travelling between facilities is involved. Therefore in 2011 Rob and his management team moved remote teams to the new central plant expansion.

“The consolidation helped our people to be more aligned and work closer together. As a result, there is now a better recognition among customers and in our organization of our capabilities. Our confidence has grown.”

Center of Excellence

Rob is particularly interested in the automotive industry from a technology standpoint. Grand-Mère is a Center of Excellence (COE) in electronics and develops and manufactures an array of electronic and mechatronic products. The facility has been delivering innovation to global manufacturers for over 25 years.

There are a lot of different aspects of technology involved in Grand-Mère, with a variety of projects in close dialogue with customers. The technology we develop and the innovations we create are the essence of what drives us and make it fun to work with us.

In addition to the COE work in Grand-Mère, KA has invested in people and equipment in Mullsjo, Sweden to develop the European Electronics COE. The two COEs will work together to develop new technologies and support programs that all business areas within KA and its customers will benefit from.

“Being a contributing member to the decisions and execution of changes and being able to both measure and experience improvements, is an integral part of what I enjoy with the Kongsberg Automotive team”

Our people
Anita, Director of Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability
My vision for KA’s Corporate Responsibility approach is that all employees can participate in a meaningful way

Anita, Director of Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability

Our people
Matthias, Senior Vice President Quality & HSE
I have an addiction to quality and a passion for people

Matthias, Senior Vice President Quality & HSE