Production leader


“The people I work with are fantastic, and we work as one KA team"

Name: Karolina
Nationality: Swedish
Graduated: University of Skövde
Position: Production leader
Plant: Mullsjö, Sweden
Joined Kongsberg Automotive: 1997
Favorite car: Audi A6
Passion for: Horse riding, downhill skiing and running

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Karolina works as Production leader at Kongsberg Automotive’s (KA) facilities in Mullsjö, Sweden. 550 people work here with production of gear shifters, head restraints, crash brackets, expansion tanks and power electronics such as on-board chargers. The facility is located next to KA’s global tech center in Mullsjö that was inaugurated in 2014.

Karolina started at the assembly line in 1997 at the age of 19, after completing school. Since then, she has held several positions in KA. She has also taken a Major in the field of behavior science, social psychology.

She has always been open to try new things, and has therefore taken on different roles within quality and logistics before gaining a managerial position in production.

Passion for people
She remains just as passionate about collaborating with many of the same people after several years with the company. As leader of the production unit, she manages around 50 people.

I always have new opportunities to grow and develop, and working with people motivates me

KA has a culture of collaboration. Karolina founds this inspiring, and she highlights the unique working environment and the challenges she meets.

“The people I work with are fantastic, and we work as one KA team. I can go to anyone to discuss. We help each other out and find solutions together. In addition, KA has given me opportunities and challenges, which has helped me to develop professionally and personally,” Karolina said. 

Karolina HallinSmart and positive

Being responsible for almost 50 people can be demanding, especially when it comes to find time for meeting, talking and solving issues. She is recognized for finding solutions in effective and often clever ways, like when she turned up at the home of one of her employees to solve a case – which she did in a most positive manner.

Karolina finds motivation in the ways she can influence people and her work place, and she sees value of walking around in the production area to greet everyone, every day. Her smiling, always positive and structured approach makes her appreciated among colleagues.

She also participates in KA’s international development programs, Introduction to leadership, where she meets with other young leaders across the company.

In her spare time, Karolina spends time with her two children in her home close to Mullsjö. She likes to go downhill skiing and horse riding.

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