“There’s no limit to what you can do, there are skilled people all around you who can teach you something new every day.”

Name: Jimmy
Nationality: Swedish
Position: Director CoE Electronics
Plant: Mullsjö, Sweden
Joined Kongsberg Automotive: 2008
Favorite car: So many to choose from, but Mini Cooper (from 1969)
Hobbies: Rebuilding cars, building furniture & houses, mountain biking

Kongsberg Automotive invests in people who embrace company values and show an eagerness to rise to new challenges. Jimmy Östman, who recently started in his role as Director Center of Excellence (CoE) Electronics, is a great example.  

Since Jimmy started in KA in 2008 he has demonstrated a clear innovative mindset. He has been R&D Manager for Automated Transmissions & Shift by wire (SBW) and Electronics within Driveline business area and has been responsible for making technology change from traditional Mechanical shifters, to electronically controlled SBW as well as electronic development. No obstacle seems too big for Jimmy, who highlights the good working environment in the company.

If you have an idea, and you have a healthy business case around that idea, a lot is possible. That’s strength with this company.

Connecting teams
Being the CoE Electronics Director is a global responsibility, with teams situated in Mullsjö (Sweden), Grand Mere (Canada) and Wuxi (China). One of his main tasks is to make sure that the people and surroundings are successful. This will have a direct outcome on product quality and customer satisfaction he maintains. A big responsibility, but his positive attitude shines through. Jimmy sees the big picture, with people development and technological innovations going hand in hand.

“There’s no limit to what you can do, there are very skilled people all around you who can teach you something new every day.”

Electronics are becoming increasingly important for tomorrow’s vehicles, and it is vital for KA to build knowledge and resources in both hardware and software development.

Highly ambitious
Jimmy has previously run his own company which developed a gaming console connected to an exercise bike to make it more fun to work out for kids. His curiosity brings him to new challenges, and his latest project was building his own house from scratch. Occasionally he finds an opening in his calendar, and even then he strives to learn new things and improve his skills.

Ambitions and high standards will come in handy in his new role, which is to create a knowledgeable and high tech electronics Centre of Excellence to bolster KA’s product development.

Jimmy advises young professionals to focus on what will make their surroundings successful, and be open to see the opportunities around.

“It may not be exactly the career path you had planned, but it might turn out much better!”

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Our people
Rob, General manager
The technology we develop and the innovations we create are the essence of what drives us and make it fun to work with us

Rob, General manager

Our people
Franziska, Strategic Marketing Manager
Everywhere I go in Kongsberg Automotive, I meet passionate, prepared and smiling people. I like the dynamics of my job and that it combines many different elements

Franziska, Strategic Marketing Manager