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“Everywhere I go in Kongsberg Automotive, I meet passionate, prepared and smiling people. I like the dynamics of my job and that it combines many different elements”

  • Name: Franziska
  • Nationality: German
  • Position: Strategic Marketing Manager
  • Facility: Hallbergmoos, Germany
  • Started working in Kongsberg Automotive: 2011
  • Favorite car brand: BMW Mini
  • Hobbies: Skiing and hiking

In one of her first meetings with Kongsberg Automotive in 2011, Franziska was introduced to Interior’s sales team, the team that she would provide analyses, market forecasts and strategic recommendations to.

“I graduated with a master’s degree in September 2011, and on 1st October I started working as business data manager for the European sales team in Kongsberg Automotive”

Before Franziska accepted the position, she got the chance to ask the questions she wanted to the right people, and get the proper feeling for the job.  

“It was exciting to jump right from university into a meeting room with my future work team. This was something that blew my mind, and it was not difficult for me to accept the position as the empowering premises were in place”

International environment

After only a year Franziska was promoted to the position as strategic marketing manager, with a global planning and marketing responsibility. In December 2013, she completed KAspire, one of Kongsberg Automotive’s managerial development programs. 

I like the dynamics of my job and that it combines many different elements. I work with numbers, marketing, I travel, meet exciting new people, and I participate in high level discussions

Franziska works at the Hallbergmoos office in Germany, a European hub for the Interior business area. Seat support, heating and ventilation systems are the core of the product range.

Hallbergmoos is also close to the Alps. On the weekends, Franziska likes to go skiing and hiking. She drives a BWM Mini, but on top of her wish list is a VW Transporter minibus to fit her sporting equipment.

Our people
Iwona Burczynska, Program Manager,
I was lucky to join Kongsberg Automotive as a trainee, and have had very supportive managers

Iwona Burczynska, Program Manager,

Our people
Ninib Elias, Key Account Manager
The trainee program has opened many doors for me in Kongsberg Automotive; doors that I normally would not have had easy access to

Ninib Elias, Key Account Manager